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12-17 July 2020
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Postscripts from Quarantine

Photo: Michael Hoechsmann, panelist and vice-chair of the MER Section

The online video session organised by the Media Education Research Section for IAMCR 2020, is a virtual launch of the Handbook of Media Education Research, with all five editors disussing not only the topics addressed in the handbook but also the current circumstances associated to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Big ideas: How will Covid-19 trigger a new era of media development?

Photo: Webinar panelists

In this webinar organized by IAMCR's Media Sector Development Working Group in conjunction with the Global Forum for Media Development, for IAMCR 2020, scholars and practioners around the world explore the big ideas for reshaping media development in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cultural Diversity, International Research and Global Cordiality

Photo: Karen Arriaza Ibarra, chair of the INC Section online session

This online video session organised by the International Communication Section for IAMCR 2020 brings together academics from different world regions to present their research and discuss their views about cultural diversity and international research. If you are an IAMCR member, login to your account to watch the full session. If you are not a member, join now to access all IAMCR 2020 papers and video sessions until 12 September 2020.

Roundtable: Media and the Dissemination of Fear

Photo: Roundtable organised by the History Section

This roundtable organised by the History section for IAMCR 2020, looks into how the media play a role in disseminating fear in contexts of war and crises, and how sometimes fear aims to destabilize audiences. It also discusses how fear can be used in some cases through the media to save lives, for example during the current COVID-19 pandemic.



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