PSM and VOD players: Challenges and Opportunities. The case of the BBC iPlayer


The paper assesses the challenges and opportunities that PSM face, in particular in view of the evolving transformations of the TV landscape notably internationalisation, platformisation and growing on-demand consumption (see Evens and Donders 2018, Lotz 2018, Lobato 2019, Johnson 2019).

Recent developments in the VOD landscape include the continuing expansion of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and the recent launch of new stand-alone VOD platforms by traditional media giants like Disney and technology companies like Apple. Having analysed these market changes and developments, the paper moves on to examine initiatives from Public Service Media organisations, focusing on the case of the BBC (Michalis 2018). In doing so, the paper maps the relational and power dimensions of VOD platforms, and goes on to consider implications for the notion of PSM (in particular the principle of universality) and the regulation of VOD platforms.

In terms of methods, the paper is based on extensive documentary analysis at this stage.


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